Glass Coffee Tumbler


Glass Coffee Tumbler

Glass hot drink tumbler perfect for take away coffee or to refill at home. Cork sleeve keeps drink insulated and convenient to carry, while the silicone lid prevents spillage.



The coffee tumbler is perfect for saving the environment from those pesky cardboard or polystyrene cups at your local coffee (or tea) “water-hole”, or to fill at home for those long hours in the car in traffic. Our cups are 100% BPA free and made from glass. The cup has a splash-proof silicone lid and the cork sleeve is perfect for keeping your drink nice and warm without burning your hands or trying to balance a serviette around it. These cups are dishwasher and microwave safe (remove lid and sleeve).
*Always take care when handling hot beverages and ensure the lid is on securely. Do not use once it’s been chipped or broken.


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- Plastic packaging and single use plastic items are destroying our planet at a rapid pace, and in an effort to raise awareness about our planet’s state we have started Hearty ZA. We aim to make use of South African products as far as possible with very little being imported from different countries. Our products are specifically designed to do away with single use plastics and give you, your family and our planet a safer and healthier option.

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